Rules for Minors

Parents/Guardians of Minor Riders MUST provide Identification while Submitting Release Forms

- Riders under 18 years old (minors) must be in the company of their parent.
- The parent is required to sign Minor Release Form the in the presence of a WaldenMX staff member.
- The parent must be present for the entire time the minor is participating in riding events at the track. At no time can a parent leave a participating minor unattended at Walden Motocross Track.
- These rules apply to race days and open practice days.
- A parent can transfer responsibility to another adult (18 years old or older) to be responsible for the minor for the day. The parent must write a letter that clearly grants this authority to another adult. It must be dated and notarized and is only good for one (1) day. This document must be presented to the Walden staff at signup (for a race) or at the front gate (for an open practice) and it will allow the named individual to act on behalf of the parent for the day. The guardian must provide a picture ID of themselves to the Walden staff for verification. This individual will then be referred to on the event day as the minor's "guardian".

Two copies of this document should be made. One is to be turned over to the Walden staff and the other should remain in the possession of the guardian in case of need.