Walden Motocross Coronavirus 19 Update: Due to recent developments and contingencies that have been put into place due to the coronavirus pandemic and mandates as of 3/16/2020 from New York Governor Mario Cuomo that requires the closure of all racetracks, casinos, gyms, theaters and banning gatherings of 50+ individuals. Unfortunately, with all this going on we MUST CANCEL our opening day on March 28th and 29th 2020. This race will be rescheduled for April 18th and 19th 2020, if government allows. Please stay tuned for updates as this has been a very fluid situation with requirements and mandates changing daily. Thank you for your understanding as this is completely out of our hands. We all want to be out there riding and enjoying ourselves but YOUR HEALTH is more important than some district points. We at Walden will be using this time to make the track perfect for that first event we will all be waiting for!!!!!


More than five decades ago, men like George Popp Jr. and Joe Weeden had a dream to have a place for motocross and the racers who yearned to challenge themselves in the new extreme sport of motocross. That dream became Walden Motocross; a unique facility in Wallkill, New York and one of a handful of locations that race concurrently on two tracks. We were also one of the first to have a website and go computerized. Walden Motocross is continually upgrading and improving their facility and strives to bring you racing at its best. . . .

Walden Motocross - Racing at it's Best!


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